This is a blog for my short "No Matter What" for a school project. Here will be posted inspirations, concept art and pencil tests.

Friday, October 29, 2010 a bitch

So...workin' on my animatic since it is due before midnight tonight. Was workin' on it last night 'cause I thought I could just export the bitch as a quicktime, throw it into final cut and slap some sound on there. Nope. Can't export, can't even do a swf file. I had to do the animatic in chunks by layer and then even chop one layer up into smaller chunks. Then when I got to finalcut, I found that a bunch of frames dropped when exporting, screwing up my timing. Yay! Effin' technology hate meh.

Oh well...I will get this shit figured out soon enough.

-The management

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, the film festival was a lot of fun, though not awe-inspiring like it was last year. Aaaaand, I missed the picnic aka the biggest social/networking aspect of the whole trip which was a bummer even though I'm quite horrible at being social and that whole networking...thing. Ah well, maybe when I submit "No Matter What" it'll get accepted and then I can meet people that way. o_O

Monday, October 18, 2010


We had our crit of our story boards today and all went more or less well with mine. It was suggested that I make the cycle a bit more clear and I should change the designs of Rudo and Ren because they look too much like the dolls from "9".

I kinda feel like anything with dolls now a days will remind most people of "9". The fact that my dolls are brown-ish and burlap-ish do make them similar to "9" but Shane Acker's dolls seem to be more individualized compared to my two generic looking ones.

Perhaps this is just me being too attached to my characters? They will undergo some color studies and I will compare to see what everyone likes the most.

My grandma's birthday is tomorrow. She makes it possible for me to go to The College for Creative Studies and to make this film. :3

-The Management

EDIT: Here are some color studies I did...dunno how I feel about them. Also..I hate the way Blogger has designed the way you post pictures..Oh well.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rudo & Ren Model Sheets

Rudo and Ren's final sheets. Diggin' 'em.

These were done in Photoshop..and the film will be in flash...there may be slight differences.. O.o;

Edit: AAAAANNNDDD my story boards/concept art isn't due until Monday! Bwahahahahah.

Ren Died...go figure

So my original psd file for Ren somehow became corrupted...thankfully I had a copy on here to go from and finish the sheet..

Poor Ren. Always dying..

I'll be working on his sheet and then hopefully posting both Ren and Rudo's Final(ish) model sheets later tonight or tomorrow.

Also going to touch up my storyboards so I can get them printed and mounted tomorrow to present on Wednesday...

This week is so busy...damn.

-The Management

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Production Update

Been working on my animatic here and there...haven't gotten very far, I must admit.

This weekend I will be updating and finalizing my storyboards so they can be printed, mounted, and presented along with some concepts for the two dolls and possibly a sketch or two of the heart.

Within the next couple of days, I will upload the updated model sheets for Ren and Rudo.

The weeks leading up to Ottawa (minus this week) will consist of me working solely on the revised doll -> heart cycle.

-The Management

Monday, October 4, 2010

No Matter What's Origins

This is the short that "No Matter What" started from and incorporates a little bit of into it. NMW will be in color as opposed to this.