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Monday, October 18, 2010


We had our crit of our story boards today and all went more or less well with mine. It was suggested that I make the cycle a bit more clear and I should change the designs of Rudo and Ren because they look too much like the dolls from "9".

I kinda feel like anything with dolls now a days will remind most people of "9". The fact that my dolls are brown-ish and burlap-ish do make them similar to "9" but Shane Acker's dolls seem to be more individualized compared to my two generic looking ones.

Perhaps this is just me being too attached to my characters? They will undergo some color studies and I will compare to see what everyone likes the most.

My grandma's birthday is tomorrow. She makes it possible for me to go to The College for Creative Studies and to make this film. :3

-The Management

EDIT: Here are some color studies I did...dunno how I feel about them. Also..I hate the way Blogger has designed the way you post pictures..Oh well.

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