This is a blog for my short "No Matter What" for a school project. Here will be posted inspirations, concept art and pencil tests.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Midterm "mass" upload

Hmm soo...I've just been cleaning up lines and putting down flat color on all the scenes. Got about three left and then I'm gonna focus on the soundtrack as I tweak some scenes that needs and eventually add the final "look" to the film.

This blog post is supposed to be what we were going to show to the class on Monday but we had a snow day but I'm not particularly posting all that I was going to show to the class up on here. And since I don't want to put any more scenes up from the short, you all get bombarded by a bunch o' style clips of the same scene. :D There's like...10...ENJOY.

EDIT: I realize the quality isn't super amazing but I think there's enough of a difference to differentiate between all of them to pick a "favorite".

Ok so there's like 9 but still. It's just variations of hatching, cross-hatching, gradients, and all of them together.
I'm kinda diggin' the 3rd one. *shrug*

So. Close.

-The management


  1. third one or last one for sure. I like the last one a bit better but they're close.

  2. Ahh! I saw you work on somme'uh these in class. I also like the third one, and kinda like the fifth one as well. Keep it up!!